Pigs Is Pigs (1937)

Pigs Is Pigs ReviewPigs Is Pigs Review

Pigs Is Pigs is a 1937 animated short film from the Merry Melodies series. It is one of the best entries so far.

This is the last cartoon to feature and star Piggy in the lead role and he is great here, very well developed and very amusing and likable. This reminded me so pleasantly of those Silly Symphonies which have a message, this one is about the dangers of gluttony as the pig is obsessed with eating but eventually the mad scientist offers him food, tricks him and make him eat so much food that he becomes enormous.

That was a phenomenal concept, but it was somewhat undone by its very typical ending. It was definitely funny that in the end, after everything that he suffered, he forgot that and still wanted to eat. Certainly that was great. However, how many times can the series get away with the twist ending where it turns out it was all just a dream? Here it didn’t quite work as a different ending would have been stronger in my opinion.

Pigs Is Pigs is so well animated with an excellent story and humor with only the ending being somewhat problematic.

My Rating – 4.3

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