He’s Your Dog, Charlie Brown (1968)

He's Your Dog, Charlie BrownHe’s Your Dog, Charlie Brown Review

He’s Your Dog, Charlie Brown is a 1968 animated television special and the fifth in the Peanuts series. It is unfortunately the weakest special thus far.

Snoopy is driving everyone insane and Charlie Brown sends him to Peppermint Patty where he just uses her at first, but eventually he starts cleaning her house as a condition. In the end, the children miss Snoopy and he comes back. This is an incredibly simplistic story and that is the biggest weakness of this special. I don’t mind Snoopy being the highlight and he is mostly very good, but I would have still preferred to have seen more characters in this one as Peanuts works best in subplots. But it is still engaging and really heartwarming at times and with a wonderful ending.

Charlie Brown is underused here, but Lucy is hilarious and the scene where Snoopy starts licking her is easily the highlight of this special. Patty was very boring here to be honest as she just repeated the same lines over and over again. As for Snoopy, he could have been better, but is still very good and some of his physical humor is really funny. This short is very weirdly paced as it is slow and repetitive at times, but is overall involving and charming and the music and animation are both pretty good. And it is nice to see Snoopy emphasized for once and the relationship between him and Charlie Brown is really wonderful. But because of its many problems, it is the weakest special thus far.

He’s Your Dog, Charlie Brown isn’t as sophisticated as usual and the plot is overly simplistic, but it is still involving and charming with a couple of hilarious and moving moments.

My Rating – 3.8

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