Partly Cloudy

Partly CloudyPartly Cloudy

Partly Cloudy is Pixar’s twelfth short film which was surprisingly not nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, but it should have been as it is such a charming and endearing flick.

It is about storks delivering babies from clouds and one of them, unlike the others, only gets aggressive baby creatures such as crocodiles and sharks much to his dismay. It is an incredibly charming flick, so sympathetic and incredibly effervescent. The story is once again different, this time around mixing Disney charms with their own. But it works wonderfully as the story is engaging from start to finish and so beautiful to behold. And although the conclusion is not as grand as I wanted it to be, it is still a very well crafted short that is charming and funny throughout.

The characters are so lovable. The cloud is so sympathetic, whereas the stork is so funny and relatable. Their relationship and the stork’s troubles with the babies are so well executed and amusing and the character design is absolutely gorgeous.

The animation is splendid with such a wonderful mix of blue and pink colors. It is so polished and beautiful to look at. And its setting was perfect and suitable for the accompanied release with ‘Up‘. It is also a longer Pixar short for once which I appreciated and although the score is very repetitive and not likable from its start even, it is also a very well edited and paced film.

Partly Cloudy is not well scored and the conclusion is not the most satisfying one, but it is nonetheless a wonderful film filled with an endearing plot, lovable characters, splendid animation and an inherent charm.

My Rating – 4.1

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