Solid Serenade (1946)

Solid SerenadeSolid Serenade Review

Solid Serenade is a 1946 animated short which is the 26th of Tom and Jerry shorts. It is a fantastic entry and one of my personal favorites.

Tom woos Toodles Galore by singing, but Jerry eventually releases previously tied up Spike and the chase between the two unleashes. This is not that original premise, but the execution is what matters here and it is terrific. The action is simply fantastic with the chase scenes here being all very entertaining and perfectly realized. The characters all get their moments and although Jerry isn’t that emphasized, Spike is great and Tom is stupendous in this one and so funny.

This is one of my childhood favorites and upon watching it as an adult now, I love it just the same as it is so good. It is well animated and wonderfully scored, but the humor is so good. The voices are present here, but for once are not annoying and actually help the movie and make it more memorable. The editing is great and the structure is phenomenal and although chaotic, that quick pace and energy works here and provide many memorable moments of which Tom’s yelps, his wooing and singing, his hitting Spike and Spike’s and Tom’s evil laughs are the highlights with this last one being so incredible and leading to such a superb finale. It surely is one of the finest shorts from the duo.

Solid Serenade is one of my favorite Tom and Jerry films with fantastic chases, great character moments, many hilarious parts and a perfectly executed ending.

My Rating – 4.5


Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams (2012)

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Review

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is a 2012 platform game by Black Forest Games. It is one of the best and most difficult recent platformers.

The gameplay is extraordinary here. The concept is genius not only in approach, but in execution which doesn’t disappoint. By shifting from cute to punk Giana, you always need to change quickly because the pace is quick and the enemies are always demanding. But both the movements from the two characters are superb with cute Giana’s movements being intended for slower and more leisurely falls and jumps and punk Giana’s movements being used for attacking and running through obstacles.

The bosses are superb with the last one naturally being the most difficult. The first one is great for having a chase first and then a fight and although it is not as demanding, it is pretty good having in mind it’s the first. The second boss is an octopus and it is phenomenal not only in its moves but also in level design. And of course the last boss is terrific. That dragon is incredibly difficult to beat and it got me at least a good 40 minutes or so of repeated attempts to successfully get past him. It has many obstacles in it and it progressively gets more frustrating and not to mention the fact that you are supposed to constantly be alarmed and moving and the right combination of moves gets you past this. It is so ridiculously hard and I loved it for that.

I liked the concept of the game. Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams has three worlds of which the first one is pretty easy, but the second is difficult and the third one is frustrating from time to time. But in order to unlock the levels, you have to find the required amount of collectibles of the previous levels. The last level of the game is somewhat hard to unlock and requires many repeated plays of the previous levels and only of the last world which makes the situation much more demanding. I liked how the diamonds are so well hidden and I liked the many secret passages present here.

Yes, the level design truly is fascinating. I respect the game for making it really difficult to find all of the collectible items and that is achieved by having great designs with perfectly hidden passages and even having the whole, vast areas filled with them. Almost all levels are worth revisiting and are so beautifully constructed.

The graphics is also fantastic. I liked its colorful approach and the difference between the two modes is clear and distinct with the one being very colorful and bright and the other being moody and dark. But it is always pleasing to the eye and so beautiful with phenomenal backgrounds and excellent 2D mechanics.

The score is absolutely amazing and one of the highlights of the game. It is always so catchy and filled with many memorable themes. The distinction between the two modes is again distinct and greatly achieved with the one being more soft and the other being more metal. But it is always great to listen to and the theme at the end of the level in particular is so catchy and immensely satisfying to hear at the finish line of each demanding journey.

The plot is typical and simplistic, but well handled with great beginning and end. The character design is superb and the two girls are super cute. The game is pretty coherent and has a great repeat value and can be played over and over again. The enemies are also phenomenal and so well designed and the sound effects and especially score is unforgettable.

The flaws here are twofold. First, the game has its bugs and some of those can be incredibly infuriating and just so frustrating. That was a big minus. And also the graphics aren’t as variable as I wanted it to be and the video game is awfully short with just three worlds to be played. But that doesn’t change the fact that this platformer is easily one of the more difficult and naturally one of the best genre games of recent years. Without any doubt.

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is one of the best platformers in recent memory with stupendous level design, great graphics, amazing and memorable score, high difficulty level, great boss battles and the game can be played many times and is always entertaining and satisfying.

My Rating – 4.7


Desde Allá (2015)

Desde Allá

Desde Allá Review

Desde Allá is a Venezuelan drama film directed by Lorenzo Vigas and starring Alfredo Castro and Luis Silva. It won the Golden Lion at the 72nd Venice International Film Festival, but is an overrated movie.

It is about a wealthy older man who starts to have a relationship with a young boy from a street gang. This is a great premise with a lot of potential, but that is all wasted on a pretty mediocre approach and weak execution. I was really disappointed with this film. The plot is so clichéd and incredibly unrealistic. It is presented with a pretentiously grounded approach, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is typical and hard to buy. I never believed in this story in any way and that is a major problem the movie never overcame.

The characters are also troublesome. Armando is so unlikable and just plain boring with his lifeless behavior and a tired, expressionless face that he always makes. Elder is a much better character and although his motivations and change of heart is naturally so unrealistic, he is still much better realized and even more likable and lifelike than his partner.

The relationship between the two is the reason why the movie fails in my honest opinion. It is just so raw and emotionless with no real emotion ever to be found and with no romance whatsoever. And in their relationship you can unfortunately see the soapy nature of the movie which is definitely present. Their whole story is so unbelievable and filled with typical twists and turns, the exchange from cold to sexual moments and the overreliance on clichés that it certainly feels like a soap opera and that is the film’s biggest offender.

I also found its sexual aspects problematic while also being satisfying in other scenes. For example, I did find its sexual emphasis when camera movements are concerned interesting. The camera is always on the lips or the hips of the characters and that was done in a good way and was sensual, but the sex itself when it finally happens is so emotionally cold, so raw and just too quick and badly put together. It never knows what it wants to be as it is never particularly romantic or particularly sexual and at least one direction between the two should have been taken and that would have made the movie much better.

Another dissatisfactory aspect to it definitely has to be its overly ambiguous nature and the distinct lack of dialogue. The choice to have the characters literally say a couple of simple lines in each scene hurts the movie so badly as that is both unrealistic and just so disappointing as it never lets you know and meet these two characters. You never get to know their past and some things are just left to audience’s interpretation and not in a good way. I am talking about the role of Armando’s father in the story and the motivations that drive the protagonist’s character are never fully realized and it is always frustrating to follow his constantly opposite actions.

It is definitely exotic and engaging and although too slow, it was involving to watch to me and it is always interesting to say the least. Its violent actions are weird, but thankfully never too showing and the story here, although typical, soapy and weakly realized, is still okay and has its moments. Some parts here I really loved and that is in particular the dancing sequence which is so well shot and intriguing and the dinner scene is interesting. I wish that there were more scenes like that and I wish that the movie was smarter as it does have its sophisticated themes that are never fully explored or at times even touched upon in any way.

Desde Allá is so well shot and it is incredibly well directed and acted. Both actors did a pretty good job in their roles and Luis Silva is particularly good. It is solidly scored, but the pacing is weak as some scenes are overdrawn and just too boring. The movie is realistic in some areas, but is mostly unrealistic and the dialogue is too simplistic and so disappointing. It is unpredictable which is a good thing, but still that ending should have been much better handled. This film is such a lost potential which is even more frustrating when you look at its solid presentation and some powerful scenes. It is an okay film that is unfortunately not particularly good and far from great which is why its Golden Lion is undeserved.

Desde Allá is very well acted and directed, well shot and all around well made with an interesting premise and some memorable sequences, but it is such a lost potential with a clichéd and soapy storyline, an unfortunate lack of dialogue, unrealistic approach and too ambiguous nature. It is such an overrated and very disappointing movie.

My Rating – 3


The Man on the Flying Trapeze (1934)

The Man on the Flying TrapezeThe Man on the Flying Trapeze Review

The Man on the Flying Trapeze is a 1934 Popeye the Sailor animated short film that is one of the rare musicals for the series.

Popeye has to get his love back from the circus performer by beating the guy naturally. First, let’s talk about the flaws. The circus performer isn’t such a memorable character and the second half is filled with pretty uninspired fight sequences. However, this is otherwise a very good short which is willed with excellent character moments for Olive and especially Popeye who is hilarious near the end in a memorable moment. Another great moment is when he moves the whole audience so he can sit. It is a funny film as expected.

I liked that it is a musical which is rare and refreshing. It succeeds because the songs here are so catchy. Of course Popeye’s signature tune is phenomenal, but the title song is also really fun and very catchy. I liked the energetic approach here and the whole flick is entertaining and charming.

The Man on the Flying Trapeze has such a fantastic humor as usual for the series, but what is new is the musical approach and it works to its advantage with catchy songs and leading to a fun flick.

My Rating – 4.2


South Park Season 9 (2005)

South Park Season 9

South Park Season 9 Review

The ninth season of South Park is nowhere near the quality of the previous season, but it is still pretty good with many classic episodes.

Mr. Garrison’s Fancy New Vagina is one of the classic South Park episodes and a fantastic vehicle for the character. It is interesting how they went in every direction possible when Garrison’s sexuality is concerned. And this one is one of the best episodes concerning the character. He is hilarious and he got me laugh many times, but the Kyle and Mr. Broflovski subplot is genius as well with a couple of truly hysterical puns.

Die Hippie, Die isn’t as good naturally, but it has Cartman at his best when his disgust for hippies is concerned and he is the reason why this particular part works, mainly near the beginning where he has many memorable lines.

Wing is one of the weaker episodes of this season as it is never particularly great or that funny. It is a good commentary, but fails as an entertainment and the humor in this one is never as good.

Best Friends Forever is a return to form for the season as it finally features Kenny and he is great here with a particularly great ending. The subject matter of the vegetative state is wonderfully explored and the heaven scenes, although not as funny, are still amusing and well incorporated into the storyline. And of course Cartman is phenomenal here.

The Losing Edge is not on the level of the other episodes here, but it does have Randy in one of his funniest moments and it is overall an interesting story and the one that treats baseball in a refreshing and honest way.

The Death of Eric Cartman is without a doubt a classic. It is the prime example of how South Park used to be great and did not rely on social commentary all the time. This episode is just pure fun and it is one of the most entertaining and hilarious parts of the season. It has a brilliant premise executed perfectly and it has probably the best Cartman/Butters storyline as their relationship is terrific here, funny and even touching at times.

Erection Day is one of those episodes I did not like at first, but grew to like it later on as I saw how surprisingly funny it is. It just might be the best episode for Jimmy as he is so stupendous here and this is overall quite satisfying.

Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow has a great premise and is a fine parody with Randy in particular being so funny and it parodies the disaster movies wonderfully. It also has such a superb conflict between Kyle and Cartman in a fantastic and hilarious climax.

Marjorine is such an underrated part. Butters is hysterical in this setting and the development is so authentic and shows the kids at their most foolish and innocent. It is the best use of the school girls yet.

Follow that Egg! is again a showcase of the superb storyline given to Garrison. He is the funniest here and even funnier than in the first episode as his accent here is more emphasized and he is the most hateful. It is of course a great commentary on gay marriage and all of that egg plot and especially the assassination is ridiculous and hilarious in a typical South Park style.

Ginger Kids is a masterpiece. Erik Cartman gets his best episode here with such a sophisticated take on discrimination. The finale alone with his memorable line is so funny and such a satisfying conclusion to this incredibly entertaining story. The supporting character of the doctor is so funny and the beginning is probably the funniest with Cartman’s presentation about ginger kids which is filled with his disgust and shows that he is the funniest with his expressive facial expressions.

Trapped in the Closet wonderfully mixes the parodying of Tom Cruise and John Travolta with the closet pun being repeated countless times and providing many laughs. But of course their controversial take on scientology is not only important, but also extremely well handled and hilarious. It combines those two elements beautifully into a coherent whole and works as both entertainment and social commentary.

Free Willzyx is an underrated episode that isn’t that strong, but is still an authentic parody of that movie with such a funny and interesting outcome. It also has those two marine workers who steal the show whenever they are on screen with their incredibly funny dialogue. It also handles animal activists so well and mixes it all up in a great manner and it has one of the most satisfying and ridiculous endings ever. It is one of those episodes which time forgot, but is still so good and definitely worth a watch. It is hugely underappreciated.

Bloody Mary is a revelation. This is one of the rare instances of warmth as that can almost never be found in this series. Yes, it wonderfully explores alcoholism and the support groups and mixes it stupendously with controversial, but hilarious religious theme, but the highlight here is not only Randy who is hysterical and this episode is one of his best, but the father-son relationship between him and Stan which is so unique and even touching. It has a wonderful finale, both heartwarming and truthful and sophisticated.

This ninth season is inferior to the previous one because it started off rather weak, but it improved later on with its second half being particularly great. It has its original stories, while also having parodies and political and social commentaries. It also has its fair share of classic episodes that should belong on any all-time best list and it is a great vehicle for the characters of Butters, Cartman and especially Randy and Garrison who are fantastic here.


Worst Episodes: Die Hippie, Die, Wing and The Losing Edge.

Best Episodes: Mr. Garrison’s Fancy New Vagina, The Death of Erik Cartman, Marjorine, Follow That Egg!, Ginger Kids and Bloody Mary.


My Rating – 4.6


Super Bomberman 4 (1996)

Super Bomberman 4

Super Bomberman 4 Review

Super Bomberman 4 is a 1996 platform action video game and the fourth game in the series. In a very good franchise, this is unfortunately a weak entry.

The gameplay once again consists of battle and normal mode. Let’s talk about the normal first. It has five worlds and each consisting of eight levels. The first world is incredibly weak and probably the weakest world in this whole series unfortunately. And I noticed from the first moment playing that something is wrong and I was right. There are many unfortunate choices here such as the one where you get to carry all the eggs behind you. That was unfortunate because it was such an easy way to beat the game. And overall this whole world was filled with me wondering what was going on as there were many puzzling things about it.

The second world is much better, has some interesting designs and is harder of course, but it is still lacking and still quite forgettable. The third one is more of the same, but weaker this time around. As for the fourth world, it is the first truly great one as the enemies are so difficult here and even extremely fast which made it all the more fun.

Now of course the fifth world is the reason why this game is worth playing in the first place. As is the tradition with the franchise, the last boss is extremely difficult. You get to play all of the previous bosses before playing the last one and that is awesome as it makes it truly hard to beat and at times even frustrating. And I honestly was stuck here for a pretty long time. The first two bosses are not a big deal while the third has some interesting moves, but is also pretty manageable. But the fourth boss which is a giant worm is the most menacing. This one bothered me for a very long time as its moves are so unpredictable and it overall requires a very precise combination of quick movements and clever, targeted attacks. It is definitely the highlight of the game. And as for the fifth and the last boss, it is nowhere near the difficulty level of the previous boss, but it is definitely a feisty one.

The battle mode is lacking to be honest. The A.I. isn’t particularly smart and the design is pretty repetitive from the previous games. The eighth arena has some clever and authentic design and properties, but is not particularly difficult, engaging or that well executed as is the whole battle mode. The seventh arena is one of the highlights as it has hiding places which makes the play more difficult as the A.I. knows those things pretty well. The ninth arena is stupendous because of its solid execution of a phenomenal playground property incorporated into the battle. And the last one is also pretty good and one of the harder arenas to get through.

The graphics in Super Bomberman 4 is really good and a return to the looks of the previous games after the old-fashioned style of Super Bomberman 3. I liked its visuals and found the graphics to be one of the strongest aspects of the game. The character design is also very good and pleasant, but the same cannot be said for the level design. The sound effects are good and the score is once again a good and catchy, if repetitive one.

It is such a disappointing entry as both Super Bomberman 2 and even the first Super Bomberman are better. And naturally Super Bomberman 3 remains the best in the series as it is so strong. This was unfortunately so disappointing and I wish the final entry will be an improvement.

Super Bomberman 4 has great graphics and character design, the bosses are once again so frustratingly difficult and the highlight of the game and it overall has its strengths, but it is still so disappointing and inferior to the previous entries due to inferior level design, weak A.I. and some rather unfortunate choices.

My Rating – 3.7


The Grasshopper and the Ants (1934)

The Grasshopper and the AntsThe Grasshopper and the Ants Review

The Grasshopper and the Ants is a 1934 animated short film from the Silly Symphony series and it is one of their better efforts.

It is about a grasshopper who just sings and dances while the ants work to prepare the food for harsh winter. And of course the grasshopper eventually comes to learn his lesson. Now, this is the perfect example of a message film which is why this series is so good and is famous for. It has a great message and although it ends on a happy note and not as I expected, that was still an interesting development and the message is still nicely emphasized and important for children to watch.

I liked the character of grasshopper. And although the ants unfortunately did not get much to do, the queen ant did and she was so well realized and one of the highlights is the relationship between the two. I also liked the music in here and the animation is simply beautiful and one of the series’ better animated works as the details and the character design are both great. And it is a deftly edited picture.

The Grasshopper and the Ants is a great message film with excellent characters, superb animation and really good and important story.

My Rating – 4.6


Shrek Forever After (2010)

Shrek Forever After

Shrek Forever After Review

Shrek Forever After is a 2010 animated fantasy comedy film from DreamWorks Animation. It is the fourth and final installment in the Shrek franchise.

Shrek is a family man, loved and respected by all. Reminiscing of the days when he was feared, he makes a deal with Rumpelstiltskin and changes all history. To get everything back, he has to kiss Fiona before sunrise or he will disappear. This plot is very derivative and clearly unnecessary. It is evident that the filmmakers have long run out of ideas when this franchise is concerned. It has its memorable parts and is engaging and even pleasant to watch, but it is still so clichéd and repetitive and never showing us anything new or exciting.

Shrek is good here and even better than before due to his more consistent humor and a great emphasis on his character, personality and motivations. Fiona is also pretty good and although a big departure in the alternate reality, she was still solid and their relationship, although typical, is once again sweet. Donkey is so great as always. I adore his character and I was happy that he was so good even here and once again a comedic highlight. The alternate reality storyline did provide a unique chance for Shrek and Donkey to meet again and thus provides the character with many hilarious lines. Puss in Boots is also pretty funny and although underused, he still got his moments.

As for the new character Rumpelstiltskin, he is a natural fit for this series and has a couple of funny scenes, but is overall too on-the-nose with forced humor and expected personality and style. As for the supporting characters, I liked how this entry isn’t stuffed with so many characters as its predecessor was, but was still somewhat empty at times. Gingerbread Man annoyed me once again and the witches are interesting inclusions, but forgettable ones with Pied Piper being underused as well. But Pinocchio is so incredibly funny in this movie and is certainly one of the funniest characters there is.

The acting is expectedly very good. Mike Myers is great as is Cameron Diaz, but Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas are again the standouts. And Walt Dohrn is pretty good in the new role of Rumpelstiltskin. All of the actors did a good job.

The animation is an improvement upon the first three. The animation of course improved with each and every film in this franchise and although it still remains typical and doesn’t distinguish itself in any new ways, it is still more polished and contains some nice landscapes. And the facial expressions are once again the highlights when animation and humor is concerned.

Speaking of humor, it is one of the highlights of the movie. Yes, it is the same as before and is forced from time to time, but it also has many hilarious parts and the characters of Donkey, Puss in Boots and Pinocchio in particular are hilarious. Donkey is expectedly superior, but Puss got an interesting and fun new direction and Pinocchio is a great instance of a character that appears only in a handful of scenes, but steals the show every time he is on screen. The humor is definitely an improvement upon the previous entry and is one of the biggest reasons to see this flick.

The imagery is solid, but at times lacking and forgettable. The direction is weak, but the voice acting is great. The dialogue is at times solid, but is mostly incredibly cheesy and mediocre. And the character development, although good, is still forced as the film is filled with repetitive plot points. Shrek Forever After is also extremely predictable and clichéd, but it has its fun and mature humor and it is quite solidly paced. And the movie is incredibly unoriginal and always repetitive and stealing from its previous entries. The emotion is also mostly forced, but is still a bit heartwarming at times. The tone is surprisingly well handled as it is not as action-oriented and jarring as before.

One of the biggest and unexpected surprises regarding this fourth entry definitely has to be the score as it is so refreshingly pleasant and devoid of stupid modern pop songs. There is some of it from time to time, but it is mostly devoid of that and it instead focuses on some warm score which is much more memorable than the score in the first three movies which was always so forgettable and annoying.

Shrek Forever After is not a bad movie, but it is far from a good movie either. It is an okay flick and a harmless diversion. It is also quite a solid end to the franchise which was very uneven in the first place. Comparing it to the previous entries, it is immensely better than Shrek the Third, but both Shrek and Shrek 2 are of course better and those two remain the best parts of the series.

Shrek Forever After has a clichéd and repetitive storyline that is pretty mediocre, some parts are filled with forced or cheesy emotion and it is overall quite forgettable, but it also has solid animation, a good score for once and the humor is the highlight with many funny parts and most characters getting their moments. It isn’t a bad movie and isn’t particularly good, but is still a harmless diversion and a solid conclusion to the franchise.

My Rating – 3


Son of Saul (2015)

Son of Saul

Son of Saul Review

Son of Saul is a 2015 Hungarian drama film directed by Laszlo Nemes and starring Geza Rohrig. The film won Grand Prix at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival and it is a flawed, but interesting experience.

Saul Auslander is a Hungarian-Jewish prisoner whose job is to bury the dead in the year of 1944. He takes a boy for his son and takes it upon himself to salvage a boy’s body and have a proper burial. The plot itself is the main reason why I had problems with this film. It is always inconsistent and too mysterious to the point of a frustration. It works as a whole, but we never get to understand why that task of burying a boy’s body is so important to him. And some scenes were a bit too ambiguous and not in a good way.

However, the reason why the movie still works to a large degree is definitely the impact it leaves on the audience. I felt uncomfortable throughout the whole running time as the film possesses such a strong feeling of endless chaos and utter despair. It also transports you to its period so superbly and as if you are actually there and rarely have I felt that in a movie which is why Son of Saul succeeds as a World War II film. It is always so quick in its pace and something always happens and you are the witness of the endless horrors surrounding the main character and he is your guide.

Yes, that cinematography choice truly is interesting. It tells you the story from the perspective of the protagonist by letting you follow him throughout the whole film with the camera emphasis on his face and having his both sides blurred. That was done for better and for worse as it can get frustrating and makes the viewing somewhat difficult, but it is also better as is thus blurs all the nudity and violence which I am never a fan of and for that I was grateful. But overall I liked that approach and no matter how annoying it can sometimes get, it is still an artistic choice that helps a movie a lot and lets you see the emotion on the character’s face more clearly and produces some unforgettable scenes.

The characterization is not that good as you never meet these characters and even the leading character is not particularly well developed. But you still root for him from beginning to end and the character work is expectedly weaker because of the nature of the film.

Some scenes annoyed me here such as the scene with Saul and the girl which is not just ambiguous, but you never know what is going on exactly. Also, the whole movie has that approach with fast pacing and something always happening, but with no true developments occurring, except in the third act. But it still has many memorable scenes such as the ending which is so emotional and very satisfying and also so well realized and the beginning is extremely good and hooks you in instantly. There are definitely many moments here that are priceless and the film produces that uncomfortable feeling in such a good way and it lasts from start to finish which is why this is a successful experiment.

Son of Saul is such a well directed and acted movie with Laszlo Nemes and Geha Rohrig both being incredibly good in their roles. The movie also looks good as it is so well shot. It is realistic and dark as well and transports you the this period so well. It is also quite emotional, especially near the end, and it is a very well edited and paced movie that is never dull or too rushed despite its fast pace which seems natural rather than forced. It is a serious and memorable movie that is flawed in its execution, but is still so authentic and leaves such a strong impression.

Son of Saul can be annoying at times, it is too ambiguous from time to time and the character development and motivations should have been better realized, but it is still such an authentic take on the tired subject matter with such a unique cinematography, emotional approach, many unforgettable scenes and it makes you uncomfortable, leaving such a strong feeling of chaos and despair.

My Rating – 4


The Milky Waif (1946)

The Milky Waif The Milky Waif Review

The Milky Waif is a 1946 animated short which is the 24th of Tom and Jerry shorts. It is a good entry, but has its problems.

Jerry receives a baby mouse called Nibbles and must feed him milk, but has to steal it from Tom. It is a great concept, but not that well executed. I liked the introduction of the new character and Nibbles truly is a memorable creation. But the two protagonists aren’t as good here which is why the little one steals the show. The moment where he carries Jerry is so hilarious and easily the highlight of this story.

I liked the action here. The ending I was not a big fan of, but it was still funny and the short has many great chase sequences. I particularly liked the many milk stealing scenarios, most of which were very creative and quite funny. The short is as always fun and funny and introduces a character properly, but ends on an unsatisfying note and isn’t that well crafted all around.

The Milky Waif has its problems, but Nibbles is a great new character and it has many inventive and hilarious moments that make it worth a watch.

My Rating – 4.1