Pagan Moon (1932)

Pagan Moon ReviewPagan Moon Review

Pagan Moon is a 1932 animated short film from the Merry Melodies series. It is an interesting, but not the greatest short.

Again we have a story that isn’t all that great and the characters are pretty underwhelming as well. They are well designed, but really forgettable. The same goes for its humor and action on screen, both of which quite familiar to the other previous entries in the series.

But Pagan Moon benefits from some excellent technical aspects. Those really help it in the long run. The setting is interesting and some of the imagery is memorable, but the animation is very good and both the designs and the scenery look fine. The same goes for the score which accompanies the action rather well. It has its charm, but it is overall not particularly exciting.

Pagan Moon has good technical aspects, but weak characters and plot leading to a solid, but flawed Merry Melody.

My Rating – 3.3

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