Oktapodi (2007)

OktapodiOktapodi Review

Oktapodi is a 2007 Oscar-nominated French animated short film that is usually very well regarded, whereas I find it a bit overrated.

Oktapodi is about two octopuses in love who get separated and try to save each other. Now, the story is my major issue and the reason why I think it is regarded a little too well. It is overly simplistic and seen many times before. And it also lasts for such a short running time that I wanted more from it.

However, it has its moments, especially the finale which is really superb and such a satisfying and clever conclusion. It is also very well edited and fast-paced. The score is absolutely superb and fitting the action on the screen.

The characters are great. I loved both of the octopuses and the man himself is really well depicted. And the action is also quite well executed. I liked the animation in Oktapodi. It is computer-animated but with great attention to detail and they brought these creatures to life in a great and very realistic way. But I loved how colorful and cute it is and the facial expressions are really good as well.

Oktapodi is a bit overrated and simplistic, but it is a cute little film filled with likable characters, good action, really well done animation and superb score.

My Rating – 3.8

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