Naughty Neighbors (1939)

Naughty Neighbors ReviewNaughty Neighbors Review

Naughty Neighbors is a 1939 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is an okay short.

This is basically a remake of ‘A Feud There Was’ which was a Hatfield-McCoy short from the previous year. Both are of very similar quality, but I would honestly give a slight edge to this one as it is more original and different. However, it is still filled with a lot of problems. The cat milk gag is great, but rehashed. The humor here is very rare and only the third act is somewhat amusing. I also found that song in the beginning weak.

But the short is memorable for being cute and romantic at first and then suddenly going into war, violent and fighting territory. The shift is abrupt and interesting making the cartoon very entertaining and crazy which are the usual best qualities for a Looney Tunes cartoon. In that area it succeeds quite a bit, but still it is very uneven.

Naughty Neighbors lacks great gags, but is overall well structured and its shift from romantic to violent is a lot of fun.

My Rating – 3.5

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