My Little Buckeroo (1938)

My Little Buckeroo ReviewMy Little Buckeroo Review

My Little Buckeroo is a 1938 animated short film from the Merry Melodies series. It is a very weak entry.

It is a cowboy, western-centric Merry Melody with a particularly uninspired story. The animation and score are solid, but everything else is weak. The film is very boring to watch with not a single scene being even remotely interesting or leaving a stronger impression and the action is very weak.

I thought the central character was also very annoying. All the characters here are forgettable or annoying. The setting is well used and animated, but it did not lead to great action and gags at all. Basically it is sometimes a rip-off of ‘Gold Diggers of ’49’ except that movie is so much better.

My Little Buckeroo is well animated, but boring, uninspired and one of the weakest Merry Melodies in a quite a while.

My Rating – 3.2

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