My Green Fedora (1935)

My Green Fedora ReviewMy Green Fedora Review

My Green Fedora is a 1935 animated short film from the Merry Melodies series. It is a very fun little flick.

This short can be considered to be a sequel to ‘Country Boy’ as it features Peter Rabbit again. And although inferior, it is still a very good film that has a slow start and is nowhere near as funny or as entertaining as it could have been, but the ending is actually very amusing and the entire film is cute.

It is again kind of like a Disney Silly Symphony film as the resemblances are evident and are definitely there such as a predator attacking the protagonist’s sibling and him having to save the baby and the entire chase was very much in the aforementioned series’ vein. That is where the movie shines as the gags at the end are fun and I really liked the chase and how the film used the underground tunnels so well. The weasel was pleasantly smart for a villain.

My Green Fedora isn’t great, but it is just fun and amusing enough to succeed as a Disney-like film.

My Rating – 3.8

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