My Artistical Temperature (1937)

My Artistical Temperature ReviewMy Artistical Temperature Review

 My Artistical Temperature is a 1937 animated short from Popeye the Sailor series. It is a very well animated, really good work.

Popeye and Bluto are artists in this one. When Olive comes and requests a work, Bluto offers to do her portrait and Popeye her sculpture. And of course, the two eventually fight. I really enjoyed My Artistical Temperature as it benefits from the use of some really astonishing animation as all of those sculptures and paintings look excellent and they are really well incorporated into the action later on. I also loved the use of classical compositions in its score.

What I found disappointing is that the whole film could have been even better and the action is most certainly ludicrous, but it was still fun to watch, the humor is solid and the fights have some really inventive moments in them. I loved all the three characters here and the film is well edited and paced. It could have been funnier, but it is so entertaining and memorable that I loved it nevertheless.

My Artistical Temperature could have been funnier, but its animation is fantastic, the score is awesome and the action is really well done.

 My Rating – 4.3

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