Munro (1960)

Munro ReviewMunro Review

Munro is a 1960 Oscar-winning animated short film which was directed by Gene Deitch.

It is about a boy who is four years old and gets drafted into the army where everyone torments him as they think he is a real man faking his age. Now obviously this is a giant, and quite personal from the director, attack on military and the abuse of authority. And I really respected its parody as it felt important and yet very well handled as well.

The film is actually quite funny at times and more lighthearted than serious which was a good choice to sell this difficult premise. The animation is quite good, although somewhat lacking in identity. The narration should have been better, but the voice acting is solid and the sound is overall fine. The film succeeds much more in terms of storytelling than technically, but overall I really liked it and it deserved its Academy Award in my opinion.

Munro is very well made and it succeeds because it presents its important issue in a comical instead of overly serious manner.

┬áMy Rating – 4.2

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