Mr. Hublot (2013)

Mr. HublotMr. Hublot Review

Mr. Hublot is a 2013 animated short movie with sci-fi and drama elements that received the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.

It is about a titular character who lives in a small apartment in a crowded steampunk city. He saves a robot dog and moves him to his house, but after he grows to a great height, he accommodates him in a larger warehouse where he stays to live with the pet. It is such an intriguing story that although seemingly cold and emotionless, still has humanism in it with the relationship between the two being so endearing. It is a charming flick that is also incredibly authentic in its setting.

The characters are good, but could have been better. Mr. Hublot is really well realized and his OCD sensibilities are also properly handled, but he is not a particularly likable character. But the dog is cute and the relationship between them is charming and the heart of the movie.

My major problem with Mr. Hublot is that it is slow in pace and not much happens in it, especially in the first half. It also never properly explores more of this world which is a shame as the world building is marvelous with a great attention to detail. The animation is stunning with such an artistic and authentic vibe to it and terrific colors and tone. The score is also solid and the sound effects are really well executed.

Mr. Hublot is slow and had such a big potential to be even better, but it is such a charming flick with an artistic, splendid animation, excellent world building and an endearing relationship between the two characters which is the heart of the whole film.

My Rating – 4

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