Mr. and Mrs. Is the Name (1935)

Mr. and Mrs. Is the Name ReviewMr. and Mrs. Is the Name Review

Mr. and Mrs. Is the Name is a 1935 animated short film from the Merry Melodies series. It is such a good, fun film.

This is the only appearance of Buddy and Cookie in Technicolor if these two are really Buddy and Cookie, but I think they are despite their mermaid look. It was weird seeing them in color and in a Merry Melody, but I don’t mind as the film is so good. It definitely has its flaws such as the structure which is typical for its time in that the conflict and the villain arrive only very late in the game and the hero must save his damsel in distress.

But at least Cookie managed to put a fight and punch the octopus once. That was refreshing to see. Of course the final scene where he batter rams the octopus was just hilarious in its physical comedy. Very good, inventive stuff. I also liked its first half where they explore the sunken ship with the Charlie Chaplin imitation being so funny as Chaplin’s weird walk perfectly lends itself to the merman’s fins. Hilarious. The short is also very well animated with nice color and the titular song is solid and catchy.

Mr. and Mrs. Is the Name is a fun and funny Buddy color outing which was a great way to open the year of 1935 for Warner Brothers cartoons.

My Rating – 3.9

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