Mouse Trouble (1944)

Mouse Trouble
Mouse Trouble Review

Mouse Trouble is a 1944 animated short that is the 17th of Tom and Jerry’s shorts. It is a wonderful film and a deserved Oscar winner.

Tom reads a book in which it is explained how to catch a mouse. He tries numerous tactics, but fails every time. This is such a great concept for a Tom and Jerry short that is just perfect on every level. It is executed wonderfully with hilarious results. Both characters are phenomenal here and the short is funny and entertaining from start to finish. The ending is especially good and the first half also has many simply hysterical and superbly realized moments.

It isn’t a perfect film as it loses its steam near the end a bit and it plays it safe, but it is still incredibly well animated and wonderfully scored. But it is above all inventive with great action and very well imagined situations and it is funny throughout its whole running time. It is a recipient of the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film and deservedly so as it is, without a doubt, the finest Tom and Jerry film of the year and that is saying a lot because 1944 was such a strong year for the duo.

Mouse Trouble is an endlessly funny, incredibly inventive and beautifully constructed film that is one of the finest of Tom and Jerry shorts.

My Rating – 4.4


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