Mother Pluto (1936)

Mother Pluto ReviewMother Pluto  Review

Mother Pluto is a 1936 Disney short film in the Silly Symphony series and though it has its moments, it is a typical short.

Pluto cares for some chicks, that is the entire plot here basically. And it is definitely familiar and forgettable. I loved Pluto, but I found the hen to be weirdly presented here and even though the animation is pretty good and the film is well made, it is dull and too long for this simplistic premise.

Pluto is as adorable as ever, but this is far from his best cartoons. But watching him cry near the end was sad and watching him get reunited with the babies was sweet and him taking the role of a mother produced some heartwarming scenes. But it is otherwise such a slight entry in the Silly Symphony roster and I was never really engaged or charmed with it.

Mother Pluto definitely is heartwarming and Pluto is lovable, but the plot is typical and it is a forgettable short.

 My Rating Р3.3

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