Moth and the Flame (1938)

Moth and the Flame ReviewMoth and the Flame Review

Moth and the Flame is a 1938 Disney animated short film from the Silly Symphony series. It is a forgettable entry.

A bunch of moths enter a costume shop for obvious reasons, but the fire (which is a character here) attacks the lady moth and it is up to others to save her. We’ve seen stories like this done countless times before in this series and here nothing is new. The action is typical and the only difference is that the characters are moths which is an interesting choice.

The score is good and of course the animation is the standout aspect with excellent character design of both the moths and the fire which is stupendously animated. The animation is fluid and polished as we’ve come to expect from the studio and everything looks detailed and wonderful to witness. It’s a shame that the story doesn’t measure up to it at all though.

Moth and the Flame has gorgeous animation, but a highly typical storyline.

 My Rating – 3.3

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