Moonlight for Two (1932)

Moonlight for Two ReviewMoonlight for Two Review

Moonlight for Two is a 1932 animated short film from the Merry Melodies series. It is a charming entry.

I really liked Moonlight for Two as it is quite solid and endearing. Goopy Geer goes with his girlfriend to a cabin where there is music and they dance. Goopy Geer is still a flawed and not well developed or distinguishable character, but he is here better than he was in his debut and his girlfriend is again boring, but the two are charming together.

The entire film is charming in its stellar animation and great score. I loved how they used a famous song to its fullest advantage, it was catchy and fun while also being romantic. But I really disliked the third act as it suddenly delved into action and introduced the villain too late in the game. It created a jarring shift in tone and was not a good choice.

Moonlight for Two is jarring in tone, but endearing, well scored and very well animated.

My Rating – 3.7

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