Monkey Melodies (1930)

Monkey Melodies ReviewMonkey Melodies Review

Monkey Melodies is a 1930 Disney animated short film. It is a clich├ęd early Silly Symphony and one of the worse in the series.

To me Monkey Melodies is one good example of why some people may say that if you’ve seen one Silly Symphony, you’ve seen them all. It is a harsh statement, but this short does not dispel that sentiment at all. You basically have here a bunch of monkeys dancing around and near the end a crocodile attacks them, they manage to escape and they kiss.

The animation is nice and the score is pretty good. The end scene is well done and that is basically it. It is a harmless cartoon which isn’t bad, but it is so typical and so derivative that it doesn’t have anything new or interesting to offer. The dance parts are dull and the film lacks in terms of the gags too. 1930 wasn’t a particularly great year for the series, but this one is still one of the worst there.

Monkey Melodies is well made, but a typical early short in the series with too many dances and a basic plot.

My Rating – 3.2

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