Mickey’s Orphans (1931)

Mickey's Orphans

Mickey’s Orphans

Mickey’s Orphans is a 1931 Disney animated short film starring Mickey Mouse and nominated for an Oscar.

Mickey and Minnie receive a basket loaded with kittens on Christmas Eve. The two are happy to adopt them, but the kittens eventually prove to be a nuisance. This is a film that is thematically great with excellent score and some gags are really fun. The characters are solid here with Pluto being the highlight. The kittens are also fun.

The animation is really great in my opinion, not exactly in its character design, but more in its interiors and overall pleasant looks to it. But the plot is lacking. Yes, the first third or so is really good, but from then on it quickly goes downhill and is just loaded with action after action which quickly gets tiresome. It is a fun flick, but it could have been much better had it focused more on plot instead of action.

Mickey’s Orphans is excellent for Christmas because of that type of music and it must be fun for children, but it is nevertheless some slight stuff with not one outstanding moment either in plot or in characterization present and the famous characters are not particularly charming nor are they given much to do here. It is a solid film, but also very substandard and forgettable.

My Rating – 3

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