Mickey in Arabia (1932)

Mickey in Arabia ReviewMickey in Arabia Review

Mickey in Arabia is a 1932 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is a terrific entry.

Mickey and Minnie visit an Arab country. Pete is there and he abducts Minnie. It is up to Mickey to save her. The story itself is naturally pretty standard and the film is never truly hilarious or inventive. It needed a bigger creative punch. However, it is still an interesting short because finally it happens in a different country and setting.

And I loved how they utilized the Arab imagery. The streets, the clothes and everything reminded me of ‘Aladdin’.  The action is very well executed and to me the highlight was the drunk camel and especially the ending where they fooled Pete using an awning. That was hilarious and meticulously executed. Mickey is truly a hero here which I loved whereas Pete is a competent villain. The animation is excellent and the score is fittingly exotic.

Mickey in Arabia is standard in story, but original in its setting. The animation and score are excellent and some of the action is terrific leading to one of the series’ best shorts so far.

My Rating – 4

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