Mickey Cuts Up (1931)

Mickey Cuts Up ReviewMickey Cuts Up Review

Mickey Cuts Up is a 1931 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is too oddly structured.

Again we see a Mickey Mouse short which only begins in its third act. So basically Mickey sings and dances to Minnie trying to make her feel special and woo her. And then only after five minutes, the action comes in as the cat disrupts the fun and everyone chases her with Pluto wrecking everything.

I liked the turtle scene and the final scene was quite endearing. Pluto is sweet here and the two mice are also pretty endearing. But the first half remains dull and the action at the end is rushed and not particularly exciting. It is thoroughly lacking in strong gags and once again the structure ruined the whole film.

Mickey Cuts Up starts only near the end and thus it is a problematic effort with some sweet moments, but otherwise lacking in gags.

My Rating – 3.4

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