Mega Man (1987)


Mega Man Review

Mega Man is a 1987 platform game which is regarded as a classic and one of the best video games of the decade for all the good reasons.

The gameplay is what drives this game and what propels it to the masterpiece status. Everything about it is so professional, polished, fun and authentic and very groundbreaking for its time. The choice it gives you with the level select option is such an advanced and groundbreaking feat which distinguishes it from all the other games of the decade where you are destined to use cheats if you want to finish the game. That is one of the biggest strengths here along with its overall gameplay which is fascinating. First off, it is wonderfully executed with challenging enemies and frustratingly difficult bosses. This is one of the hardest games I have ever played and it is notorious for its awfully difficult levels and bosses.

Secondly, the level designs are absolutely stunning and executed in such a way that you can often times masterfully get passed some point only in a certain way thus achieving the perfect difficulty level, at times even making you feel it is unbeatable. It is so professional and perfectly done. Also, the power-ups are excellent and sometimes necessary for the progress, especially in the boss arenas. And the bosses are extremely hard, almost all of them bringing the difficulty level to an extreme.

Next, the visuals. The graphics are top notch. Absolutely phenomenal all around. The movements are polished, the animation and character design is superb and the color palette is excellent. The graphics is incredibly advanced when comparing it to other games of 1987. But the soundtrack is terrific, no doubt about that. The themes and tunes in almost every level are easily recognizable and catchy in a great way, as only the classic games were. It definitely helped the game’s replay ability factor.

The story is my only complaint here, a small complaint. I know that most platforms, especially from that time, have those archaic plot lines and very thin stories, but this one is even thinner. I would have liked to have seen some personality in the title character who is very likable in the graphics department, but lacking in the storytelling department. But that is only a minor complaint in an otherwise outstanding game and because that does not matter much in this genre, it can easily be forgiven.

In the end, Mega Man is a classic, a masterpiece and one of the best platformers of all time and easily one of the most difficult as well. The graphics is superb, the music is charming, the gameplay is fantastic across the board and the difficulty level is excellent leading to what is arguably one of the finest video games of the decade and one of the most advanced games of its time that still holds up to this day how awesome it is.

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