Lucy Must Be Traded, Charlie Brown (2003)

Lucy Must Be Traded, Charlie Brown ReviewLucy Must Be Traded, Charlie Brown Review

 Lucy Must Be Traded, Charlie Brown is a 2003 animated television special and the 42nd entry in the Peanuts series. It is a very good late entry.

This is a really good Peanuts special from the 21st century which is a rarity that should be treasured. It goes back to those classic baseball-themed specials from the sixties and seventies and although too much relying on the sport and familiar, it is still very good and satisfying owing to excellent character moments. Charlie Brown must get rid of Lucy and trade her to Peppermint Patty because she sucks at the game and is the worst player. Naturally that created a couple of really funny moments and the special has pretty good humor.

Charlie Brown here is as depressing as ever and he ends up alone in the rain, miserable in a classic Peanuts fashion. Lucy is excellent and of course Peppermint Patty is very good and I liked the emphasis on Marcie and her infatuation with good old Chuck. Snoopy also has his moments. Everyone delivered and was memorable and only the absence of Sally was felt and it bothered me.

Lucy Must Be Traded, Charlie Brown is familiar, yet very well executed and quite funny.

 My Rating – 4.1

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