Love and Curses (1938)

Love and Curses ReviewLove and Curses Review

Love and Curses is a 1938 animated short film from the Merry Melodies series. It is a solid flick.

The problem I’ve had with this short is that it never utilizes on its admittedly very strong and interesting premise to the fullest extent and both the score and especially animation are quite weak and unpolished this time around. Technically speaking and in terms of the gags, it should have been much better.

But the characters are memorable even if the villain is familiar. The action is a lot of fun and the highlights are the ending and especially the cozy beginning. It was very interesting plotwise to have an older couple reminisce on how they beat this guy out in the gay 1890s. I liked the period details quite a bit and the film is quite charming.

Love and Curses is technically weak but with a charming central couple and an interesting plot.

My Rating – 3.6

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