Lou (2017)

Lou ReviewLou Review

Lou is a 2017 Pixar animated short film that is good, but not great.

It follows a boy who is a bully and he takes the toys from other boys and girls but when a monster from a lost and found box reminds him of how he had been a bully before as well, he turns the new page and becomes a better person by bringing back the toys to everyone. Yes, this film is way too on-the-nose and it lacks subtlety. It is important in its subject matter and issue, do not get me wrong. It has a great message, but I wished that it was more sophisticated.

The animation is pretty good, but not all that great. ‘Piper’ from last year was actually much better animated. But I liked the character design of the main character quite a bit. I also liked how Lou looked. He is interesting and I liked the fantasy element quite a bit, but the chase sequence lasted for too long. The first half of the film is weaker and less interesting than the second half which is much more engaging and definitely quite moving.

Lou is too straightforward and unsubtle, but definitely emotional in its ending, well animated and important in its story.

My Rating – 3.8

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