Bosko and Bruno (1932)

Bosko and Bruno ReviewBosko and Bruno Review

Bosko and Bruno is a 1932 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is a very good, stupendous entry.

A lot happens here concerning the two titular characters and it doesn’t feel that cohesive because of it. That is the problem here. And another problem is Bosko mourning Bruno’s alleged death and it eventually turns out that he’s alive. That sequence is taken directly from ‘Big-Hearted Bosko’ and that unoriginality frustrated me.

However, the film is still one of the best Looney Tunes so far as it is just so fun to watch and mostly very satisfying. I love the railway setting as it was beautifully utilized into the overall action. I loved the dynamic between the two characters. And I loved the chicken chase, that was very entertaining. It truly is a charming, very adventurous episode.

Bosko and Bruno is not cohesive, but it is so adventurous and fun that it’s one of the best entries in the series so far.

 My Rating – 4

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