Little Red Walking Hood (1937)

Little Red Walking Hood ReviewLittle Red Walking Hood Review

Little Red Walking Hood is a 1937 animated short film from the Merry Melodies series. It is such a fun entry.

Apparently the end of 1937 proved to be a turning point for Warner Bros. as evidenced by such a strong line of very good films and an emerging original and wacky style present. Here we got a parody of Little Red Riding Hood which succeeds more than it fails at making us laugh and amused. Everything here is very comedic and although I wanted more danger from its villain, the wolf is still a lot of fun and he really is very funny character who should prove influential for future villains in the series.

Riding Hood is an impersonation of Katharine Hepburn and although that is amusing, it has been seen a lot before so it isn’t particularly original. The grandmother is fantastic as one of the funniest moments came when she made a call and thus the wolf had to wait for the call to end so they can continue the chase. That was hilarious in its ridiculousness. I also really liked the audience gag though it is not as original as the one in ‘The Case of the Stuttering Pig’. I loved its ending where it is revealed that Egghead who was appearing throughout the cartoon is actually a hero and his purpose is kicking the wolf and kissing the girl which he did.

Little Red Walking Hood is a hilarious parody with a couple of awesome gags and mostly amazing characterization.

My Rating – 4.2

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