Lava (2015)


Lava Review

Lava is the newest Pixar short film that played in front of Inside Out. I have to say that I was honestly hugely disappointed in this film mainly because the story is so typical and somewhat non-existent. It also seems influenced a bit by Flowers and Trees. It is a love story with a happy ending which I found troublesome as it lends itself perfectly to the unhappy ending and would have been much better that way.

However, although the story is weak, the movie is technically splendid. The animation is absolutely breathtaking, very lush and colorful. And I like the character design, I found it very appealing while also grounded in approach. The music is also thrilling. It is interesting for them to make a musical short and definitely an intriguing experiment and it worked wonderfully this time as the song is so good. It is a catchy, but very moving song that makes it all the more emotional and it is very well sung, it has great lyrics and the use of a rare instrument is much appreciated and authentic.

Overall, it is quite weak and expected in terms of storytelling, but Lava is nevertheless a sweet little film that manages to pull at the heartstrings while accompanied with a beautiful song and exquisite animation.

My Rating – 3.5

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