Jungle Rhythm (1929)

Jungle Rhythm ReviewJungle Rhythm Review

Jungle Rhythm is a 1929 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is such a weak entry.

The only pretty good thing that it has going for it is the animation and how those dances were executed and how the sounds were created using the animals. I liked how it has various different animals in it and they looked fine. But there is absolutely no plot to be had here whatsoever and the film is as slight of a cartoon as you could possibly get.

It isn’t bad, but it is just weak. The music is okay, but repetitive and the entire film was overlong, somewhat dull and exceedingly repetitive in execution. I wished for some songs but I did not get them. Mickey here is interestingly not as mean-spirited as previously portrayed so maybe he is starting to change.

Jungle Rhythm is the weakest Mickey Mouse film thus far with no plot to it and with very repetitive execution.

My Rating – 3.1

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