Jolly Little Elves (1934)

Jolly Little ElvesJolly Little Elves Review

Jolly Little Elves is a 1934 animated short film by Walter Lantz. It was nominated for Best Animated Short Film at the 7th Academy Awards.

It is about elves who help an old shoemaker with the shoes. It is such an uninspired and disappointing movie mainly because of the plot that is so forgettable and even non-existent. Nothing particularly memorable or remarkable happens here.

Yes, the animation is solid, it isn’t great, but is well done and the details are great. The character design is also fine and the score is pretty good with the dunk song being quite memorable and catchy. But the characters are very bland and although it starts and ends well, the whole middle section is pretty boring to be honest. And it definitely did not deserve its Oscar nomination as there isn’t anything particularly great or interesting about it.

Jolly Little Elves is such a forgettable short with good animation and score, but uninteresting characters and such an uninspired and bland story.

My Rating – 2.8

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