Johnny Smith and Poker-Huntas (1938)

Johnny Smith and Poker-Huntas ReviewJohnny Smith and Poker-Huntas Review

Johnny Smith and Poker-Huntas is a 1938 animated short film from the Merry Melodies series. It is a solid short.

Egghead plays famous John Smith who arrives to America aboard the Mayflower. He meets Poker-Huntas who is obviously a parody of Pocahontas and marries her and they have kids, some resembling her and some resembling him. It is a typical parody flick, but better than most weaker Merry Melodies thanks to some clever gags.

I liked that cute ending, but the highlight in my opinion was the scene when they arrived on the continent and there the Indians already had shops and services. The hairstyle scene was quite amusing. Egghead is okay for this short, but he is getting boring pretty quickly and I am looking forward to him becoming Elmer Fudd finally. The animation is solid here, but far from great.

Johnny Smith and Poker-Huntas is nothing special, but a solid little parody with some quite clever gags.

My Rating – 3.6

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