It’s Got Me Again! (1932)

It's Got Me Again! ReviewIt’s Got Me Again! Review

 It’s Got Me Again! is a 1932 animated short film from the Merry Melodies series. It is one of the best entries so far.

This cartoon is the one I’ve changed my mind upon seeing it for the second time. The first time I thought it was barely solid, but this time around I think it is quite good actually. The mice are singing in the house until the cat comes in through the chimney and chases one of the mice and prepares to eat him, but others come to the rescue. A basic plot and the beginning is very weak, prolonged and too musical, but the film is otherwise good and memorable.

The music is stupendously well incorporated into the overall plot and especially animation. The character designs are again not my cup of tea, but the animation is solid as a whole. I liked some of the dances, but some of the gags were really good and of course the cat action was the most memorable part. Watching the mouse beg for life was quite amusing as some of his lines, including the titular one, were very funny. It was the first Merry Melody to be nominated for an Oscar in the first year of the category and deservedly so in my opinion.

It’s Got Me Again has a weak opening, but is mostly a stupendous Merry Melody filled with memorable gags, a good use of music and some very amusing lines.

 My Rating – 4

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