It’s an Adventure, Charlie Brown (1983)

It's an Adventure, Charlie Brown ReviewIt’s an Adventure, Charlie Brown Review

 It’s an Adventure, Charlie Brown is a 1983 animated television special and the 25th entry in the Peanuts series. It is a solid, but very uneven entry.

This is another proof that it is very difficult to make a 47 minute special instead of the usual 20 or so minutes. This special is just needlessly overlong and some parts are great, but some are pretty weak. Let’s talk about each one of the eight segments there is in it. Sack is pretty good and I liked this again very brutal depiction of Charlie Brown’s unpopularity. He starts to become popular while wearing a sack on his head, but as soon as he removes it, things go back to the usual for poor old Chuck.

Caddies is a very poor Peppermint Patty part and I really disliked her voice here. Kite is interesting, but a bit too long. It does have an original storyline though. Sally is charming is usual in her segment, Butterfly is forgettable and Woodstock is an ordinary part with these two, although I definitely liked Snoopy in some of the previous scenes here. Lucy’s part with Schroeder is as great as usual and Blanket is a very interesting exploration of Linus’s obsession with this object.

It’s an Adventure, Charlie Brown is very uneven due to a couple of clunkers, but there are some truly great segments here nonetheless.

 My Rating – 3.3

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