Iron Man 2 (2010)

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 Review

Iron Man 2 is a 2010 Marvel superhero film and the second part of the trilogy. It starts Robert Downy Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johansson and is directed once again by Jon Favreau. It is easily the worst entry in the franchise.

This time, Stark’s rival is Ivan Vanko, a Russian scientist who developed the same suit technology and is after him as a personal vengeance against his family. And you also have the assembling of the Avengers and the introduction of Black Widow. Yes, it is an incredibly convoluted and needlessly complicated plot, but also the one that does not resolve many of its plot points. It is quite probably the worst Marvel movie to date and a textbook example of what is wrong with most of their movies. They just relied on setting up The Avengers’ here without ever giving us a proper story. And although it has its moments, mainly the love relationship at the center of it is once again very sweet, it is still way too complicated, shallow, rushed and with too many plot holes and an overabundance of typical villains and typical action sequences that ruined it for me.

Tony Stark is once again the highlight of the film and Robert Downy Jr. is of course very funny this time around as well. But even he does not get the proper treatment. Pepper Potts is again really cool and such a strong and likable character. Their relationship is incredibly well done and the sole reason to see Iron Man 2 in my honest opinion. Rhodes is boring as he can be and the Shield operatives are shoehorn too much here with Black Widow not really belonging in this movie and Nick Fury never giving enough details to Tony to justify his inclusion. It was a terrible idea to have them in this film as just the post-credits sequence was enough, a scene done right for the first time. As for the villains, Justin Hammer is too typical, but Sam Rockwell did a really good job as always. And Ivan Vanko is an incredibly obvious character, never properly explored and never posing any real threat whatsoever. Once again, Marvel fails at creating real, awesome villains. And memorable as these are so forgettable as is the entire flick.

Yes, it is incredibly forgettable. The action is also boring and the whole third act is so-so. Yes, the first act is pretty good and the relationship is great as are the actors, but the overall story is lacking momentum and it has too many details that somehow do not mash well together into a proper whole. The effects are okay, but nothing too remarkable and the score is once again forgettable. The tone is problematic as there is never much humor here, I wanted more. The dialogue is solid but the pacing is not and Jon Favreau unfortunately failed as a director here. And it is never as important as the rest of their films because it does not tie that well into other films and the use of Black Widow here is not that good, she was much better utilized in ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’. Comparing it to other Marvel movies, it is certainly the worst in the franchise and such a big let down from excellent Iron Man. It is also overall the worst in the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe along with The Incredible Hulk and it definitely is the most forgettable of the bunch.

Iron Man 2 has a really nice relationship between Pepper Potts and Tony Stark at the center of the movie and the cast did a nice job, it also starts well and has its moments, but it is still lacking in terms of plot and characters with too forgettable and convoluted storyline, not well used characters, too much tying into other Marvel films and the villains and action are mediocre. It is undoubtedly the worst and most forgettable film in the MCU.

My Rating – 3

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