Honeymoon Hotel (1934)

Honeymoon Hotel ReviewHoneymoon Hotel Review

Honeymoon Hotel is a 1934 animated short film from the Merry Melodies series. It is an amazing, the best entry so far.

Yes, Honeymoon Hotel is that good, to me it is an absolute classic and I did not expect that. And I have to say that my high opinion of the movie has nothing to do with it being the first ever color Merry Melody because that is probably its weakest aspect. It is solid and pleasing, but Cinecolor just isn’t Technicolor and the quality is noticeable.

Even though the two bugs are typically designed, they are a lovable duo. The premise where we follow the two check into a hotel and cannot get privacy until they set the entire hotel on fire and finally can be alone is just ingenious. The humor here is absolutely fantastic and it made me chuckle more than a couple of times with its very suggestive sexual lines and winks. So good. But the music is also terrific, I loved how the entire hotel looked and was utilized and all of its characters were terrific with that caterpillar attendant being quite unique and a lot of fun. The doors hiding their doorknobs so that people won’t peak is the most inventive part here. The entire short is so unique that it blew me away.

Honeymoon Hotel is a phenomenal Merry Melody which is the best one yet due to colorful characters, suggestive and great humor and such a fantastic plot.

 My Rating Р4.5

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