Head over Heels (2012)

Head over Heels Head over Heels Review

Head over Heels is a 2012 British stop-motion animated short nominated for many awards including an Academy Award. It is such a wonderful film.

It is about an old couple who after years of marriage have grown apart from each other with the wife living on the ceiling and the husband living on the floor. And eventually they make up and start living together again. It is an incredibly artistic but also emotional and just sweet short. It perfectly explores a failed marriage in later years with a great metaphor and the ending is just so emotionally rewarding and perfect in every way.

The animation is splendid. The details are evident and I also liked its muted colors a lot. But the stop-motion is so beautiful to behold here, very charming and even artistic at times with excellent character design as well. And the score is also pretty good. The world building is also great and the overall idea is so unique and beautifully executed.

There are a couple of small flaws I’ve had with Head over Heels. First is that the characters, although very sympathetic and even effervescent, are still not that memorable or well developed. And the second problem is the pacing which is at times a bit slow and the running time should have been a bit shorter. But those are just small flaws in a usually superb flick.

Head over Heels is a very emotional, authentic and artistic look into failed marriage with superb themes, such a wonderful ending and pleasing animation.

My Rating – 4.4

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