Happy Go Ducky (1958)

Happy Go Ducky ReviewHappy Go Ducky Review

Happy Go Ducky is a 1958 animated short that is the 113th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is a typical Quacker outing.

This is such a typical Quacker short that represents everything that is wrong with his movies. It is incredibly slight and the storyline is somewhat lazy and not particularly exciting, but you can’t deny its cuteness and heart. Here the cat and mouse get their Easter present which turns out to be Quacker. He starts to bring chaos to the house by continually finding watery places to swim.

It lacks in terms of humor and it is rather repetitive, but watching the little duckling swim excitedly is heartwarming and just wonderful. He is the best thing about this otherwise bland effort. And I have to say that I liked Tom and Jerry working together here and the ending in particular was very sweet.

In the end, Happy Go Ducky definitely is slight and repetitive, but wonderfully endearing with a cute and fun Quacker.

 My Rating – 4

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