Great (1975)

Great ReviewGreat Review

Great is a 1975 Oscar-winning animated short that is pretty good actually.

This is the hardest Oscar-winning animated short to find online, but it was worth it as it is stupendous in quality. It isn’t like its title, but it is still pretty good and actually one of the better shorts from the seventies which was a very weak year for animation. This one has all of those typical trappings of a documentary such as excessive narration, uneven segments in terms of quality and overlong runtime.

But it is still pretty solid owing to its animation which isn’t great but is better than average, much better actually than what I am used to seeing in this documentary format. I liked the character designs the most, a lot of fun. But its score and especially the songs are so entertaining, catchy and just immensely fun that they really carry the movie to the next level in terms of enjoyment. And it is a solid, albeit not all too informative history lesson.

Great is better than most documentary animated shorts with solid animation and very fun songs.

My Rating – 3.7

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