Frozen Fever (2015)

Frozen Fever ReviewFrozen Fever Review

After over a year, the long awaited sequel to the smash hit ‘Frozen’┬áhas finally arrived and I have to say that it is a major disappointment.

The story is awfully slight and I know that they couldn’t do much in 7 minutes, but this is too slight regardless. The birthday idea is interesting and it has a couple of endearing sequences, especially the ending which is wonderfully warm and Disney earned that scene with great character development and troubled history between the two sisters.

But everything else fell apart, especially the music. The new song is so mediocre that it is definitely not worth it to learn and listen to the lyrics which are also subpar. And it doesn’t help the fact that the song is interrupted multiple times.

As for the characters, Kristoff is there barely, but the brief moment with Hans is hilarious and definitely the highlight here. Olaf is probably the best character here which is a shame because he wasn’t that good in the first film. His jokes were adequate to his persona and should prove amusing to children. Anna lacks her spunk here which is a huge disappointment, but Elsa is great. She is really caring for her sister, warm and compassionate and it is quite charming to watch her endlessly try to organize her sister’s birthday party despite her evident cold.

The animation is still great as well as the character design. The new characters Snowgies are just there for the charm and cutesy factor, but they are well thought out, if repetitive. And the ending with Olaf putting them all in a palace and naming them all is again a proof that he is the finest character here and a highlight which is weird and unexpected. Elsa’s new magic powers are also touched upon and it definitely opens it up for a feature sequel along with the Hans sequence.

Frozen Fever is definitely more meant for children to enjoy and it is simply fun to see all of those charming characters again on the big screen, but it is still some slight stuff with mediocre singing parts and not enough standout scenes. But it still has its heartwarming moments as well as fine jokes and it is all around a solid, if disappointing film.

My Rating – 3


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