Fraidy Cat (1942)

Fraidy CatFraidy Cat Review

Fraidy Cat is a 1942 animated short which is the fourth in Tom and Jerry filmography. And although somewhat disappointing in the end, it still has its many moments.

It follows Jerry’s scaring of Tom with making ghost-like figures. Now, the beginning is absolutely hilarious and a perfect start for the film, but the ending disappointed me as it was typical with Mammy coming in to punish Tom. Everything before it was genius and new which is why that typical conclusion did not appeal to me.

But it is hilarious. The moment when Jerry laughs at him in the beginning is very funny, but the highlight is when Tom catches him and when he realizes what’s going on. That was the most hilarious and perfectly executed moment. And I also liked the introduction of the cat’s nine lives in a visually appealing scene.

Jerry is fantastic in Fraidy Cat with many funny moments and excellent body gestures. However, Tom is just in for the torture throughout the whole thing and I expected a lot more from him.

Fraidy Cat has many hilarious and well executed moments with the beginning being excellent and Jerry being very memorable, but the ending disappointed me and I wanted more from Tom which is why it had a lot more potential.

My Rating – 4

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