Fox and the Whale (2017)

Fox and the Whale ReviewFox and the Whale Review

Fox and the Whale is a 2017 animated short film directed by Robin Joseph. It is a very elegant film.

The film is about a fox in pursuit of a whale. The fox is fascinated by the sounds of the whale and will stop at nothing to finally find the creature. So basically the themes here are of longing and search for the unknown and mysterious. Everybody has that yearning inside so the film should prove relatable to all of us. It is a deep film, but still not as deep as it could have been.

I wanted more memorable scenes as the film is twelve minutes long and it should have had some unforgettable set pieces, but I liked that ending and the score is quite nice too. The highlight here for sure is the animation which is absolutely gorgeous to behold with charming character designs and simply stunning backgrounds which are both visually appealing and artistic. Plus they are also modern which is great. The film conveys the mysterious atmosphere so well thanks to its terrific technical aspects.

Fox and the Whale is an elegant, gorgeously animated tale fueled by a mysterious atmosphere and imagery.

My Rating – 4.1

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