For the Birds (2000)

For the BirdsFor the Birds

For the Birds is Pixar’s seventh short film and their third to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. And it deserved its award as it is so stupendous and unexpected in its execution.

The plot is so endearing, fun and hilarious in the end that I won’t spoil it as it is best to see it yourself. It is so well executed and memorable¬† in such a short running time (3 minutes) that it’s an incredible achievement. It doesn’t start that great and it entirely hinges upon its conclusion, but what an ending it is! This is one of the funniest shorts I have seen and I genuinely laughed out loud and that is really rare for me. But the concept is so good and the gag is spectacular and incredibly hilarious. It is also old-fashioned in a most unabashedly sweet and refreshing way which is a reason why it works so well.

The characters are excellent. All those birds are so well portrayed and animated and their sinister laughs are hilarious. And the big bird is the highlight, even funnier than the small ones and so fantastic in the end.

The animation is extraordinary. The birds are so phenomenal in their looks and color. Also the design here is top-notch and although the backgrounds are not as good, this is still a terrific animation filled with colorful and endearing charm to it.

For the Birds may depend entirely on its ending, but that ending is magnificent and filled with excellent execution, beautiful animation and most importantly, it has one of the funniest gags in all of short animation.

My Rating – 4.3

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