Flirty Birdy (1945)

Flirty Birdy

Flirty Birdy Review

Flirty Birdy is a 1945 animated short which is the 21th of Tom and Jerry shorts. It is an entertaining and memorable entry in the series.

Tom is chasing Jerry but has a competition in Eagle who is also looking to eat the mouse. The cat then disguises himself as a female bird in order to distract the bird and get the mouse. It is a unique premise nicely executed. My only real issue here is that the second act is so uninspired and a regular Tom and Jerry territory filled with clichéd and repetitive action.

But the first act is anything but, introducing you properly to the new character of Eagle who is so memorable and is very entertaining and funny. The third act is the standout with terrific action which is very inventive as well. Tom is in for a beating again and Jerry, while not as menacing as in the previous installments, is still clever and funny. The whole exchange between the bird and Tom is hilarious and the humor is really phenomenal here with a great conclusion. And it is also one of my childhood faves.

Flirty Birdy has weaker middle parts, but is so funny and so inventive in its action later on and it wonderfully introduces you to the character of Eagle.

My Rating – 4.2

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