Fishin’ Around (1931)

Fishin' Around ReviewFishin’ Around Review

Fishin’ Around is a 1931 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is such a solid entry.

Mickey and Pluto are on a lake fishing. The sign clearly says “no fishing” but the two completely ignore it. They do not manage to get any fish as the fish here are so clever that they play pranks on the two, but they still manage to escape the man who chases them for fishing in his lake.

This cartoon is unfortunately never as funny as it clearly should have been given the awesome, promising premise. And Mickey is sadly not as present as Pluto is. But Pluto is so funny in his yelps and some gags really worked, though none of it was too original or clever. I still found the film very enjoyable and entertaining. Also the score is fine and the animation is quite solid for its time.

Fishin’ Around is not hilarious, but it is perfectly solid in its premise and execution with a great emphasis on Pluto.

My Rating – 3.5

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