Fine Feathered Friend (1942)

Fine Feathered FriendFine Feathered Friend Review

Fine Feathered Friend is a 1942 animated short that is the 8th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is one of the best early shorts without a doubt.

Jerry hides in chicken’s nest and Tom tries to find and catch him, but infuriates the bird who always gets revenge in the most gruesome ways possible. Yes, this is quite possibly one of the most violent and mean-spirited cartoons in their filmography. And while that sometimes troubled me and particularly in the ending as I wanted Jerry to get his due as well, it was still extremely entertaining, inventive and funny.

Every single scenario Tom gets himself into in here is absolutely hilarious and very well executed. Tom is so likable here and you really feel for him whereas Jerry is in his meanest mood in here. But the chicken is superb and the best supporting character yet, there is no question about it. The way she humiliates Tom is hilarious every single time and they wonderfully made use of her and the setting, making the best out of every opportunity.

It is of course well scored and animated. It is funny throughout the whole running time and the action is one of the best yet. The beginning is not as good and the ending made me angry personally, but Fine Feathered Friend is in my opinion the best Tom and Jerry cartoon yet and is only inferior to The Night Before Christmas which is just awesome.

Fine Feathered Friend has absolutely magnificent situations, it is funny from start to finish and the characters all get their moments to shine which are all the reasons that this is one of the finest Tom and Jerry shorts of the time.

My Rating – 4.5

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