Fightin’ Pals (1940)

Fightin' Pals ReviewFightin’ Pals Review

 Fightin’ Pals is a 1940 animated short from Popeye the Sailor series. It is such a refreshing entry.

Yes, here we see for the first time Popeye and Bluto being friends. Not just working together, but as real friends. That was weird, but very interesting and different than usual. But it is mostly done for the better as the two are fighting pals as the title suggests meaning that they love each other, but fight constantly. That is such a great concept that even makes a new theory for their rivalry through the years.

But what isn’t great here is the pacing. This is just an awfully slow, mostly uneventful part and that was a bit annoying to be frank. The outdoor sequences in the forest were finely animated and atmospheric, but still prolonged. It succeeds due to these two, but it’s a shame that they only get two scenes, one in the beginning and one at the end.

Fightin’ Pals is slow, but it has an interesting newfound friendship between Bluto and Popeye and they are so great together.

 My Rating – 4

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