Ferdinand the Bull (1938)

Ferdinand the BullFerdinand the Bull Review

Ferdinand the Bull is a 1938 Disney animated short film and the recipient of the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.

I simply adored this film! Its story in which the bull named Ferdinand is different than the other bulls and doesn’t want to fight but rather smell the flowers is so touching and wonderful. It is an important lesson for children, teaching them to appreciate and accept the people who are different. It is endearing and heartwarming from start to finish and filled with a big heart.

Ferdinand is a lovable character, but all of the others are well depicted as well. I love that this cartoon is devoid of any unfortunate plot points and that was such a rare and pleasant surprise. Everything in it happens as it should happen and all of the characters are good-natured. And while that is of course unrealistic, I still appreciated its optimism and heart.

The narration is very good and I absolutely loved the narrator’s humor in teasing the bull’s mother cow. That was such a nice touch. But the only thing I did not like is the voice acting in that part as I found it weak. But in later parts, it was great as is the animation which is simply superb and colorful. And the score is very good as well. But I loved the cinematography especially in the closing sequence which is just fantastic as it moves away from the tree by which Ferdinand sits. Such a satisfying finale. And it deserved its Oscar, there is no question about it.

Ferdinand the Bull is such a pleasant short film with excellent animation, fun humor, wonderful message and such a heartwarming tone to it.

My Rating – 4.7

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