Felix in Hollywood (1923)

Felix in Hollywood ReviewFelix in Hollywood Review

Felix in Hollywood is a 1923 animated short film featuring Felix the Cat. It is one of the most highly regarded animated shorts and it is very good.

Felix goes to Hollywood and meets Charlie Chaplin among others. The plot is very interesting not just because it is the first short ever to feature caricatures of Hollywood celebrities, but also because it is really entertaining and really well structured. I really liked those scenes in Hollywood and of course the one with Chaplin is the highlight and the most memorable scene of the film for good reasons.

The ending to me was disappointing and it could have used its premise much more, but Felix in Hollywood has a really good first act and some very funny moments as well. I really liked its animation which is simplistic, but contains such a nice comic-book style to it with the intertitles in particular being terrific in style. The character design is also pretty good and the film is very engaging for its slightly longer running time than usual. It has its problems, but it has a great reputation for good reasons.

Felix in Hollywood has such a great animation style to it, good humor, some very memorable scenes and a very involving plot leading to such a good, charming flick.

My Rating – 4.3

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