Father Noah’s Ark (1933)

Father Noah's Ark ReviewFather Noah’s Ark Review

Father Noah’s Ark is a 1933 Disney Silly Symphony film. It is a pretty good classical short.

Although a bit too serious and straightforward, this is still an admirable adaptation of the story of Noah’s Ark. I loved Disney’s other version in ‘Fantasia 2000’ a bit more, but this one is also very good and one of the better Silly Symphonies out there for sure. I really liked its characters and they were well portrayed plus the film is engaging for the entire longer running time.

I absolutely loved the animation in Father Noah’s Ark. It is beautiful to look at and quite accomplished for its time as the humans look good, the imagery is great with a nice color palette and the animals themselves are the splendidly realistic highlights. The score is terrific of course as they used Beethoven’s 12 Contredanses here and the result is great as it fits the tone of the film and the added lyrics are great as well.

Father Noah’s Ark is straightforward, but so well made with gorgeous animation and a terrific score.

My Rating – 3.8

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