Every Child (1979)

Every Child ReviewEvery Child Review

Every Child is a 1979 Canadian Oscar winning animated short film that isn’t all that great.

The film was really done to promote UNICEF and it was done in association with it. That was great and children should have rights for a name and nationality when born. The film definitely has a great, important, crucial really message and I am glad that they made it for the right cause.

However, how they made it wasn’t great. The film has no words, but it does have mumbled words, singing voices and blabbering. I thoroughly disliked that as it made it feel immature. You either go entirely silent or with spoken words and this is not how you do it. The animation is okay, but nothing to write home about and the overall storyline is again okay, but should have been much better.

Every Child is a weaker Oscar winner with a great cause, but weaker execution with unremarkable animation and approach.

My Rating – 3.3

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